16. Talking Body with Cathleen Meredith

July 12, 2021


Welcome to another episode of the BodPod! Today, we are excited to be chatting with Cathleen Meredith, a writer, influencer, public speaker, and positivity igniter originating from Sacramento, California. In August of 2016, Cathleen launched Fat Girls Dance, a worldwide movement focused on trashing body image stereotypes through the universal language of dance. The online body positivity movement unsurprisingly went viral and this led to an impressive short film with Dove Real Beauty productions and Shonda Rhimes. Cathleen has been featured in many publications and productions including Essence, HealthLine, Hello Giggles, and countless others and is currently working on a Fat Girls Dance book.

In this episode, Cathleen will explain the origins of Fat Girls Dance and how it came to be such a sensation. She’ll also touch on the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding being fat, how this inspired her to create her platform, and how a previous generation’s stance on body image shapes how we feel about our bodies today. Last but not least, Cathleen will share her thoughts on using the word “fat” in her platform, plus sized bodies in the modelling and fashion industry, and the importance of loving ourselves rather than hating our bodies. Keep listening to hear how Cathleen is changing the world’s idea of what fat bodies can and can’t do!

Instagram: @fatgirlsdancemovement

Twitter: @Fat_Girls_Dance


Website: fatgirlsdance.com


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