15. Talking Body with Thigh Society’s CEO Marnie Rabinovitch Consky

July 5, 2021


Today on the BodPod, we are chatting with Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, the founder, CEO, and chief anti-chafing champion of Thigh Society, a specialty underwear brand offering moisture-wicking, breathable, and discreet slip shorts that prevent inner-thigh rash. Thigh Society was born from Marnie’s desire to dispel the notion surrounding “chub rub” and to produce undergarments with high quality fabric, fit, and an inclusive size range. The brand is a champion of the body confidence movement and recently sponsored the BodCon Social Club at our Beach Bodies event.

In this episode, we’ll talk about Marnie’s background and what led her to creating such an incredible product and brand. Marnie will also break down the misconception around thigh chafing, the difference between men’s and women’s undergarments, and the wide range of sizes that Thigh Society offers. Last but not least, Marnie and I will discuss the way in which social media has evolved to allow us to be more open about these taboo subjects, the way in which diet culture has infiltrated our lives, and the slippery slope that is shape wear. Keep listening to hear how Marnie is working to destigmatize chafing.

Instagram: @marnieconsky & @thighsociety

Website: www.thighsociety.com


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