17. Talking Body with Kimmie Singh

July 19, 2021

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Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are excited to be chatting with Kimmie Singh, a registered dietician based in N.Y.C., an active member of the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dieticians, and co-host of the PCOS and Food Peace podcast with Julie Duffy Dillion. As an associate at LK Nutrition, Kimmie supports her clients with a fat-positive, anti-oppressive framework and has a special passion for working with people that have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), something she has personal experience with. Kimmie has also presented at various national and regional conferences on the harmful effects of weight stigma in healthcare, eating disorder treatment, food insecurity, and weight inclusivity in dietetics training.

In this episode, Kimmie will share how she eventually ended up calling herself “the fat N.Y.C. dietician and nutritionist,” her experience going to school to become a nutritionist, and her personal journey with eating disorders. She will also explain the Health at Every Size approach that LK Nutrition participates in, the role that media and reality television play in our body images, and the gender and racial gap within the medicine and nutrition communities. Last but not least, Kimmie will open up about her experience with PCOS. Keep listening to hear how Kimmie is turning down the volume on diet culture to help others get to know their bodies.

Instagram: @bodypositive_dietitian

Website: https://www.bodypositivedietitian.com/

Association for Diversity and Health: https://asdah.org/


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