19. Talking Body with The Alliance for EDA

August 6, 2021


Welcome back to another very special episode of the BodPod! This week, we are so pleased to have the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness take over the podcast.

Mimi Cole is the founder of The Lovely Becoming blog and podcast, is currently pursuing her master’s degree to become a therapist in North Carolina, and is passionate about disordered eating and obsessive compulsive disorder. As a patient assistant for individuals with eating disorders, Mimi has experience working in a residential and out-patient level of care and hopes to practice from a health-at-every-size, trauma-informed lens.

Johanna Kandel is the founder and CEO of the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness and the author of Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder. After a decade-long battle with various eating disorders, Johanna founded the Alliance in October 2000 to bring information and awareness about eating disorders to hundreds of thousands of individuals. She is a passionate advocate for mental health and eating disorders legislation and has spent a lot of time meeting with various members of congress. Johanna was also part of the first-ever eating disorder roundtable at the White House and is a proud member of the Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee meeting under the Department of Health and Human Services, a member of the board of directors for the Eating Disorders Coalition, and a member of the Eating Disorders Leadership Summit. 

In this episode, Johanna will share her personal experience with eating disorders and how that has motivated the work she does today. Johanna and Mimi will also discuss eating disorder recovery, the myths surrounding eating disorders, and prevention efforts. Last but not least, Mimi will share the origins of her online platform including her experience with eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder. Keep listening to hear how Johanna and Mimi are using their voices to shift the conversation around eating disorders. 

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