20. Talking Body with Scott Stuart

August 16, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the BodPod! Today, we are excited to be chatting with Scott Stuart, a best-selling children’s book author from Melbourne, Australia. Scott is on a mission to create content that empowers young kids to be their unique selves and encourage parents to accept their children. His books have appeared on many best-seller lists and have garnered numerous nominations including Children’s Book of the Year and Picture Book of the Year for My Shadow is Pink. After a video of Scott and his son Collin both dressed as Queen Elsa from the Frozen films went viral, he began posting about Collin’s adventures with fashion and about breaking down the stigmas with parenting, gender, and much more.

In this episode, Scott will discuss his new book called The Very First You and the importance of representation in children’s books. He will also talk about the way in which his son inspired the diversity in his books, helped him realize his own biases, and how dressing up as Queen Elsa together turned into one of the most beautiful experiences. Last but not least, Scott will open up about how uncomfortable he was with his body while growing up, how that changed when he became a parent, and the advice he offers his son about remaining true to himself. Keep listening to hear how Scott is inspiring others to work through their own discomfort and challenge their own biases.

Instagram: @scottcreates

TikTok: @scott.creates 

Website: https://scottstuart.co/



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