22. Talking Body with Evio Beauty’s Brandi Leifso

August 23, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are pleased to welcome Brandi Leifso, founder and CEO of Canadian clean beauty company Evio Beauty, to the show. At the age of 21, Brandi was living in a women’s shelter where she created the concept for a cosmetics brand and lets just say, the rest is history! Not only has she secured a spot as an alumni member of the esteemed Sephora Accelerate program in 2018, but she was also selected as one of Chatelaine Magazine’s 2018 women of the year. Brandi believes change can happen through small, conscious, and consistent actions and Evio continues to show their dedication to this through their numerous charitable initiatives and actions, including the Break Things podcast and the “Did I Make Myself Clear” campaign. Brandi was also recognized as one of 2020’s top 25 women of influence.

In this episode, Brandi will open up about living in a shelter, the origins of Evio, and how she found herself in a male-dominated beauty industry almost a decade ago. Brandi will also talk about the shift she sees in an industry that is not necessarily geared toward men in power and women consuming anymore, especially given the multitude of men’s products and genderless products coming out nowadays. She will also discuss the challenges of trauma, PTSD, and stress, including the importance of exercising your mind just as much as your body. Last but not least, Brandi will reflect on the harmful ways in which we define people, often based on physical appearance. Keep listening to hear how Brandi is using her beauty company and podcast to break stigmas, provide “kind luxury,” and to start the conversation of reallocating funds from domestic violence police units to support organizations keeping our communities safe.




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