23. Talking Body with Neon MUA Darius McKiver

August 30, 2021

Today, we are pleased to welcome Darius McKiver a.k.a Neon MUA to the BodPod! Darius is a makeup artist enthusiast and content creator whose style focuses on the combination of avant-garde concepts with everyday wearable beauty. His mission is to help bring awareness to the way beauty is represented for black creators, especially black beauty boys and other queer bodies, and he has done this by co-creating the hashtag #ColourPopMeBlack and developing the Dusk To Dawn face palettes with Midas Cosmetics’. Darius’ goal in this industry is to pave the way for black creators and to ensure that any black body that loves makeup can truly feel beautiful.

In this episode, Darius will share how his journey with makeup and makeup artistry began, how he himself became a social media mogul, and what his platform is all about. We will also discuss the lack of foundation options for people of colour, how that inspired the variety of shades in Darius’ palette collaboration with Midas Cosmetics’, and how the #ColourPopMeBlack hashtag came about including the change it spurred with one specific makeup brand. Last but not least, Darius will talk about the intersection of beauty and body confidence and his own body confidence journey. Keep listening to hear how Darius is working to make the beauty industry more inclusive for people of all skin complexions.

Twitter: @neonmMUA
Instagram: @neonmua   
YouTube: Neon MUA
Darius’ collaboration with Midas Cosmetics’ can be found here.


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