27. Talking Body with Julia Parzyck & Jayne Mattingly

September 27, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! We have an extra special episode for you today as one of our BodCon alums, Julia Parzyck, takes over the podcast with her bestie, Jayne Mattingly.

Julia Parzyck is an eating disorder recovery coach and body acceptance influencer who has fully recovered from her own eating disorder. She helps women develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness and truly learn to appreciate and accept themselves. Jane Mattingly is a master’s level eating disorder recovery therapist turned coach as well as CEO and owner of the global virtual coaching group practice, Recovery Love & Care. Having fully recovered from her own eating disorder as well, Jane lives with chronic illnesses and proudly identifies as disabled which has inspired her to help others within their own healing journeys with their bodies.

In this episode, Jayne will talk about her recovery coaching business which Julia is a part of, her chronic illnesses, and the way in which she copes with her physical disabilities. The pair will also share the details of their eating disorders, their struggles with anxiety, and their recovery journeys. Last but not least, they will speak about the education or lack thereof surrounding eating disorders, the skepticism that recovery coaches often face, and the way social media impacts our mental health but also the way it can be beneficial. Keep listening to hear how Julia and Jayne are helping their clients navigate their healing journeys overall and during a global pandemic.

Julia’s Instagram: @fitfatandallthat
Julia’s website: https://www.fitfatandallthat.com/

Jayne’s Instagram: @recoveryloveandcare
Jayne’s website: https://recoveryloveandcare.com/



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