29. Talking Body with Dr. Joshua Wolrich

October 11, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are so excited to have Dr. Joshua Wolrich, an NHS doctor living in the U.K. with a passion for helping people improve their relationship with food, on the show! After his own weight loss journey, he delved deep into the complexities of weight science and the health-at-every-size approach and realized that he had to make a public and deliberate shift away from promoting weight loss online. As a result, you will find him regularly addressing weight stigma and diet culture to his audience of over 400,000 while also fighting nutribollocks. He also recently completed his master’s in nutrition and released his debut book, Food Isn’t Medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Joshua will share a bit about how he started using his Instagram as a platform for weight loss, the point at which he realized this was problematic, and the origins of his book. In addition, we’ll talk about the importance of willing to be wrong and how Dr. Joshua came to this realization, how healthcare must change to become accessible to everyone, and how stereotypes can and often do play a role in healthcare. Last but not least, Dr. Joshua will discuss the way in which healthcare is weight-centric, how this leads to exclusive healthcare, and how this isn’t really challenged by many doctors. Keep listening to hear how Dr. Joshua is working to rid healthcare of weight stigma and diet culture.

Listen to Dr. Joshua Wolrich’s podcast, Willing To Be Wrong, here.
Instagram: @drjoshuawolrich


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