31. Talking Body with Carlen Costa

October 25, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the BodPod! Today, we chatting with the incredible Carlen Costa, a clinical sexologist, psychotherapist, cannabis educator, orgasm activist, and author of the Amazon number one best-seller Love: The Women’s Guide to Not F*cking Settling. Carlen’s work is largely focused in the field of sexology as she teaches people of all genders how to love with confidence through radical self-love and how to create healthy, happy, and consensual relationships in intimate settings. She has been featured in Fashion, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Refinery29 and many other publications and media outlets.

In this episode, Carlen will share how she got into body work including her own body confidence journey and her life design community called The Everyday Goddess, how limiting labels can be, and how important it is to own your body and yourself. We’ll also discuss weight loss and how diet culture tells us we’ll be happier if we’re a certain size and the relationship between sex and body confidence. Last but not least, we’ll talk about how we typically allow others to validate our experiences of pleasure and how we can and should change that. Keep listening to hear how Carlen is working to help people get to know their bodies and bring pleasure back into themselves.

Carlen’s Instagram: @carlen.costa
Carlen’s website: https://www.carlencosta.com/
Love: The Women’s Guide to Not Fucking Settling: Amazon


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