32. Talking Body with Wellness Lately’s Bridget Shannon

November 1, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are excited to have Bridget Shannon, a certified health coach and cofounder of Wellness Lately, on the show! After spending 10 years working in the health industry and healing her own history with disordered eating, Bridget switched gears and is now passionate about helping women all over the world ditch the dieting, heal their relationships with their bodies, and embrace a version of wellness that actually feels good for them. Through Wellness Lately, Bridget and her cofounder Dana Barron are dedicated to spreading the messages of intuitive eating, health at every size, and body liberation.

In this episode, Bridget will share the origin story of Wellness Lately including her own body journey, her relationship with food, and her exit from health coaching. We’ll also delve deep into the diet industry and the way it capitalizes on our desire to be thin, the vicious cycle that is dieting, and how the wellness industry also plays into all of this. Last not least, Bridget will discuss the way in which certain diet companies have rebranded themselves as lifestyle companies, yet still sell the same thing. Keep listening to hear Bridget’s advice for breaking up with diets and how she is helping women feel equipped with their bodies.

Instagram: @wellness_lately
Website: https://www.wellnesslately.com/


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