34. Talking Body With Gigi Robinson

November 15, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are pleased to have Gigi Robinson, a digital artist, podcaster, creative producer, and social media advocate for mental health, chronic illness, and body image on the show! Living with chronic illnesses herself, Gigi strives to create positive and impactful messages to share with her diverse audience by opening up about her journey and the effects it’s had on her mental health and body confidence. A creative on many platforms, she recently launched her Spotify Greenroom show, Everything You Need is Within, which she describes as a Gen Z show that tells it like it is. Gigi continues to give back by working with organizations like the Trevor Project, the Jed Foundation, World Food Programme USA, and more.

In this episode, Gigi will talk about her body confidence after getting diagnosed with chronic illness at a young age, how she stopped herself from falling in to old habits including binge eating during the pandemic, and how that led her to the body confidence space. Besides this, we will talk about the negative pressures of social media, being mindful of what you’re posting online especially for younger generations, and the importance of curating your feed in order to protect your mental health. Last but not least, Gigi will share with us how her Spotify Greenroom show came to be and why she defines it a Gen Z show that tells it like it is. Keep listening to hear how Gigi is educating others on critical wellness topics while championing diversity and equality for all.

Instagram: @itsgigirobinson
Website: https://www.gigirobinson.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/gigirobinson 


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