38. Talking Body With Stephanie Chinn

December 13, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are thrilled to have Stephanie Chinn on the show. Stephanie is an illustrator, best-selling author, speaker, and body confidence advocate whose work focuses on illustrating the different ways we can remind ourselves that we are enough the way we are while unpacking the ways we’ve been led to believe we are not. She began sharing her work on Instagram in 2019 and grew her audience to over 50,000 followers within the year. Recently, she released her debut book Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up which is a collection of original, body-positive feminist artwork.

In this episode, Stephanie will tell us how she shifted gears from journalism to art, how art became a form of therapy for her while recovering from addiction, and her relationship with her body throughout her addiction and recovery. Besides this, we’ll also discuss how Stephanie went from using art as therapy for herself to using it as a form of advocacy on social media, how her art ebbs and flows based on what she’s going through, and imposter syndrome. Keep listening to hear how Stephanie is inspiring others to live in the moment, try new things, and let go of their shame.

Instagram: @stephaniechinnart
Website: https://www.stephaniechinn.com/ 


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