39. Talking Body with Your Latina Nutritionist Dalina Soto

December 20, 2021

Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are chatting with Dalina Soto, a registered dietitian and licensed dietitian nutritionist. She works as one of the few Spanish speaking RDs in the Philadelphia area and virtually across the country, teaching her clients how to ditch the diet mentality and keep their culture alive. Through her online platform as Your Latina Nutritionist and through her signature Chula method courses, she aims to help clients drop the weight – the weight of body shame and chronic dieting that is!

In this episode, Dalina will talk a bit about her journey to becoming a nutritionist and dietitian, why it was important for her to intersect her cultural identity with her work, and her experience going to dietetic school. We’ll also discuss the impact she has had on the Latinx community as a Latina nutritionist and dietitian, the way some foods are marketed as health and unhealthy, and Dalina’s Chula method. Last but not least, Dalina will share her advice for those who struggle with food, their bodies, and criticism from family members during the holidays, including how to set New Year’s intentions without getting sucked into diet culture. Keep listening to hear how Dalina is helping others feel good about their bodies just the way they are.

Instagram: @your.latina.nutritionist
TikTok: @yourlatinanutritionist


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