47. Talking Body With Sarah Nicole Landry & The BodCon Co-Founders

February 15, 2022


Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we have an extra special episode for you as our cofounders Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward sit down with Sarah Nicole Landry of The Birds Papaya to chat all things BodCon! Sarah Nicole Landry is a mom of four who loves cultivating powerful social media conversations around life and our experiences in it. She is a body confidence activist, speaker, writer, three times cover girl, and weekly host of the Papaya Podcast.

After witnessing the incredible conversations taking place in the social space around body confidence, founders of Shine Talent Group Jess and Emily wanted to build a platform that would help amplify these voices and allow this community to share in an experience that would bring people together and help further the impact of this movement.

In this episode, Sarah, Jess, and Emily will talk about how the BodCon came to be, what the goal and purpose of the BodCon really is, and the people who have inspired and participated in the BodCon along the way. Besides this, they’ll also chat about confidence, shame, and the way in which the BodCon is creating a space for conversations about these topics and so many more to take place, whether they are difficult or not. Last but not least, Jess and Emily will share the feedback they’ve received about the BodCon from the community and how that has shaped the conference going forward. Keep listening to hear how we at the BodCon and Sarah are working to raise the community up by fostering those difficult but necessary conversations. 

For more information about BodCon 2022 and to purchase tickets, click here!

BodCon Website: www.thebodcon.com
BodCon Instagram: @thebodcon

Sarah’s Website: www.thebirdspapaya.com
Sarah’s Instagram: @thebirdspapaya 


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