50. Talking Body With Shane Smoore & Lindsay Johnson

March 8, 2022


Welcome back to the BodPod! Today, we are thrilled to have a special episode as Lindsay Johnson and Shane Smoore take over the podcast! Shane Smoore, also known as Plus Size Trans Guy, is a chubby, queer, trans man who calls the mid-west home. As a model, speaker, and influencer, he is making space for body liberation within the LGBTQIA community. He strives to spread positivity and hopes to empower others to live and wear themselves proudly and to be their authentic selves.

Lindsay Johnson is a queer, non-binary, plus size entrepreneur who believes in radical self-acceptance, so much so that they named their company The Radical Connector. They believe in doing deep, healing work to release yourself from harmful systemic beliefs and connect to the radical self-acceptance and self-love waiting for you on the other side. 

In this episode, Shane will talk about building an online community through his platform, Plus Size Trans Guy, examples from the media that resonated with him as a trans man, and, of course, how there weren’t a lot of examples in the media while he was growing up. Besides this, Shane and Lindsay will discuss the way in which trans and queer people are expected to be brave because of the way they are often treated, whether they would have come out earlier than they did, and the way in which certain words are often used to bully trans and queer people. Last but not least, they’ll chat about having to limit certain things about themselves to fit into labels, why it’s important not to think of gender as linear, and the intersectionality between body image and being a trans person. Plus, they’ll discuss how fashion has kept individuals in larger bodies from expressing themselves. Keep listening to hear how Shane and Lindsay are inspiring others to be true to themselves.

Lindsay’s Instagram: @radicallinds
Lindsay’s TikTok: @radicallinds

Shane’s Instagram: @plussizetransguy
Shane’s TikTok: @plussizetransguy


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