56. Your Body Isn’t a Fashion Trend with Designer Julie Mollo

February 2, 2023

Your BodPod host, Body Confidence Coach Rachel K. Grim, brings Fashion Designer and self-proclaimed Head Bag Lady in Charge, Julie Mollo to the stage! Today we talk about a range of body trends n fashion, including tomboy 90s frames and h*roin chic. Julie started out as a fashion design student, working out of her dorm room, to seeing her designs on none other than Katy Perry all because of a cold email she sent – with *confidence*. Her unique vintage-inspired designs and glitter vinyl put her on the map alongside the fruit-inspired dresses you’ve seen on Katy Perry and other standout celebrities. As a curvy woman, Julie knew to always dress in what makes YOU happy and confident, and never try to fit a mold that’ll leave you feeling less than your best when you walk out the door. Watch now to hear Julie’s story and dive into dressing confidently with us today!

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