57. Reality Check – Can We Handle The Truth? with Stella Williams

February 7, 2023

Stella Williams joins the BodPod host, Body Confidence Coach Rachel K. Grim, and special guest Leslie D. Tucker of BodCon to dive deep into her most recent social news. Stella is a noted reviewer of plus-size fashion brands, a plus-size advocate, and more! In today’s episode, Stella sheds light on her authentic yet controversial Woods by Jordyn dress review, her long-standing social career, and what keeps her creating like a machine! Be sure to subscribe for notifications – we’ll be back with a brand new podcast every week with friends new and old. Get ready for The BodCon 2023, sponsored by Shapermint. Tickets are officially on sale! Get yours now before we sell out at thebodcon.com.

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More about Stella: Stella is a powerhouse, with her main reach being across YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Stella exploded in popularity in October 2020 after a meme went viral body shaming her. Stella’s consistent body-positive stance on the matter led her to be a continuous influence in plus-size fashion and enjoyed by many viewers of different backgrounds. Stella Williams continues to take her online success to new heights on and offline to showcase authenticity in the industry. In 2021, Stella Williams became Fashion Nova’s first size 24 model and by 2022, Stella Williams became a model for Nike.

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