6. Talking Body with Alex Light

May 3, 2021


In today’s episode, we welcome Alex Light, a body confidence and self-acceptance influencer and journalist from London, England to the show! After struggling with various eating disorders, Alex made the decision to shift her virtual platform from beauty and fashion content to a safe space for anyone in the grips of an eating disorder or bad body image. As someone who is anti-diet, Alex discusses the harms of diet culture on her platform and in her own podcast, The Light Show. Besides this, she has appeared in numerous publications for her criticism of the way media portrays bodies.

Today, Alex will share her journey with dieting at a young age – which is something she continued to do until a few years ago – including what led her to dieting, how normalized this was while she was growing up, and how she made a change to confront diet culture. Alex’s self-deprecating humour, thought-provoking questions, and vulnerability to share her story are all things that make her an inspiring guest on the BodPod.

TW: This episode contains content related to Eating Disorders and Diet Culture that may be alarming to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

Instagram: @alexlight_ldn

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