April 26, 2021


Today the BodPod is excited to welcome Brynta Ponn to the show! Brynta is a body confidence influencer and social media powerhouse from Toronto who is encouraging people to live unapologetically and embrace their bodies through honest conversation and comedic content. After getting engaged, Brynta began sharing her journey to losing weight on social media. As with many of us though, when the pandemic hit, she started gaining that weight back and decided to shift the focus of her content. With a hefty following on Instagram and TikTok, Brynta is hoping to inspire others to laugh, grow, and find their way to self-acceptance through her own journey with body image.

In today’s episode, Brynta will share how growing up in a certain environment shaped what she thought of her body and how that contributed to her disordered eating. Join us as we discuss representation, watching older media with a more critical lens, and holding clothing brands accountable.

Instagram: @bryntstagram

TikTok: @brynta27



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