7. Talking Body with Kat Inokai

May 10, 2021


Today, the BodPod is pleased to welcome Kat Inokai to the show! Kat is a writer, content creator, advocate, and disabled mom of two who lives with multiple autoimmune diseases. She started her first blog, Thebumpandhustle.com, in 2010 where she chronicled pregnancy, motherhood, and her entrepreneurial lifestyle. However, in 2018, Kat had a life-changing health experience in which she ended up in the hospital and rehab and this led her to shifting her platform. Now, Kat is an advocate for accessibility, body image, and acceptance through the lens of disability.

In today’s episode, Kat is sharing her journey to diagnosis, which began when she was about 16 years old and eventually led to Crohn’s disease and many other diagnoses. Kat will also discuss how identifying as disabled later in life forced her to recognize her own internalized ableism, the pressure to be able-bodied, and the many ableist mico-aggressions we all must unlearn. Keep listening to hear how Kat is working to shift the narrative surrounding disabled bodies.

Instagram: @bumpandhustle



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