Changing the Face of NYFW- Embracing Every Body

September 12, 2023

NYFW and runway shows, in general, have often been criticized for the lack of diverse bodies and representation on the runway. Sarah Chiwaya, aka @Curvily, recently shared on the BodPod, “Everyone should be able to see themselves in fashion.” Our BodCon team is on a mission to bring that to life. 

We tapped NY Photographer Frank Ramos to capture all bodies during NYFW. By showcasing women representing a broad spectrum of beauty, NYFW sends a powerful message that everyone deserves to be seen and feel confident and comfortable in their skin. This inclusivity sets a positive example for the fashion industry and fosters a more accepting and inclusive society where everyone can celebrate their uniqueness and embrace their own style.

“There was a time when I felt like I would never be included, so why should I try. Now I know it is my job to show up and push the envelope. My body is good enough to be in these fashion spaces and people need to know that other beautiful bodies exist”- Leslie D Tucker

“Growing up, I did not see bodies that looked like me on the runways. I wanted to work within fashion so I could help change that. Although it’s gotten significantly better since the 90s, I worry that we are beginning to spiral backward. At the BodCon, we know that all bodies are worthy and should be seen. So we are showing it.“- The BodCon Brand Director Gabrielle Richards.

Main character energy at its finest… To see all of the images, head over to the BodCon app.


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