10. Talking Body with Allison E. Lang

May 31, 2021


Today, it is a pleasure to be chatting with Allison E. Lang on the BodPod! Allison holds many titles including educator, athlete, model, solo female traveller, and last but certainly not least, advocate for body inclusivity. Allison is a congenital amputee who was unexpectedly born without the lower half of her left leg, however, she has never allowed this to hold her back. Not only has Allison backpacked the world, but she also plays a variety of sports including being a member of Team Canada’s sitting volleyball team, and most recently, she was signed by a modelling agency. After overcoming severe mental and physical bullying, body image insecurities, and a handful of surgeries, Allison is a fierce advocate for self-acceptance and inclusion for all and she wants you to know, that she probably has more legs than you do.

In today’s episode, Allison will share how being ostracized for her physical differences during her formative years eventually led her to wanting to be a teacher and advocate for diverse body types and how her multiple surgeries led to her trauma. She will also discuss how disabled bodies are represented in the media and how she is working to change the narrative with her new modelling contract. Keep listening to hear how Allison is learning to accept her authentic self and how she is overcoming her insecurities.

Instagram: @allisonelang

Twitter: @allisonelang

Allison’s website: http://www.allisonelang.com/

The War Amps: https://www.waramps.ca/home/



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