12. Talking Body with Jeff Jenkins

June 14, 2021


Today on the BodPod, we are chatting with Jeff Jenkins, an award-winning content creator and the founder of Chubby Diaries, an Instagram account and growing online community he started in 2018. Jeff, who has been featured in many notable publications including Forbes, New York Times, and Travel and Leisure, helps people travel the world, no matter their size, through community, branded content, and motivational talks. With contagious positivity, Jeff uses his platform to advocate for plus-size travellers and to help bigger body people and people of colour navigate challenges that arise while travelling.

In today’s episode, Jeff will share the origins of Chubby Diaries as well as how he came to discover his niche, his love of travelling, and his experience with micro-aggressions while travelling. We will also discuss accessibility for plus size people, branding and marketing for plus size people, fat phobia, and so much more. Keep listening to hear how Jeff is inspiring people to live their best lives right now as opposed to waiting for when they lose weight and visit his website for more information on his upcoming group trips.

Instagram: @chubbydiaries_

YouTube: Chubby Diaries


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