11. Talking Body with Kortney Olson

June 7, 2021


Today, the BodPod is excited to be chatting with Kortney Olson! Kortney is a certified personal trainer, an accredited Olympic lifting coach, the original Australian women’s arm-wrestling champion, a Jujitsu champion, a three-time international body-building competitor, an author, and a T.V. personality who was crowned the woman with the world’s deadliest thighs by Stan Lee for her ability to crush watermelons using only her thighs. After seeing the need for clothes that fit athletes, Kortney launched Grrrl Clothing in 2015, which is based on a variety of body shapes and types that reflect girls living in the 21st century. Earlier this year, she also published her autobiography called Crushing It: How I Crushed Diet Culture, Addiction, and the Patriarchy.

In today’s episode, Kortney will touch on her addictions, eating disorders, what it was like being raised by an alcoholic, and how she came to be at the centre of an unexpected porn scandal, all of which inspired the work she is doing today. We will also discuss the limiting beliefs about weight and bodies that we internalize at an early age, how women have been taught to view each other as competition rather than a community, and much more. Keep listening to hear how Kortney is working to help other women overcome their body image issues with her inclusive clothing line and training program.

Visit Kortney’s website for more information on her book and her 8-week, at-home watermelon training program, find her on Instagram at @kortney_olson and check out GRRRL Clothing for Kortney’s clothing line for unstoppable women.


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